About benchmark soln

Who We Are

We believe in creating value for our clients and in turn generate impact through the projects we are involved in. We bring capital, markets and businesses together all in the aim of transforming African economies one business at a time. Our client base includes the real estate, infrastructure, agri-business, oil and gas, banking, energy sectors

Benchmark Solutions Limited is a member of the LMA, The authoritative voice of Europe, Middle East ad Africa Loans Markets, we  are also members of the Asian Pacific Loans Market Association (APLMA)

Our Journey

The company was incorporated in 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya as a marketing services company and expanded into providing specialized financial services to great companies across the globe. In the past decade, African economies have sustained unprecedented rate growth that has mainly been driven by exports of natural resources and commodities, improved macro-economic management, a growing middle class, increased domestic demand fueled by consumption and increased political stability. For these reasons, at Benchmark, we are at front line of transforming Africa, one business at a time by empowering African institutions to scale this growth.