Timeless Woman of Wonder Conference 2015

Benchmark Solutions Limited CEO Laura Akunga was a key panel speaker under the Woman as a Catalyst for Social and Economic Transformation category. She shared her expertise and experiences as a woman entrepreneur and was awarded for her positive contribution towards empowering women during the gala dinner.

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Restoring the Dignity of elderly men and women in Mwingi 2015

Restoring the Dignity of the Elderly Men and Women in Mwingi event is also part of our CSR initiatives. You can put this summary…. Benchmark Solutions Limited on Saturday 29th May 2015 visited 5 elderly men and women in Kakululo town in Mwingi, Kitui Constituency. The Five included Mukuta Kitali, Musau Mutisya, Nzambi Mulei, Mutinda Nzambu and Joseph Ndemwa. were the beneficiaries of a donation of Five permanent houses built by Benchmark Solutions.

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