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Benchmark Solutions Ltd donates 5 houses to the elderly in Kitui County.

Nairobi, 25 May 2015… Benchmark Solutions Ltd, on Saturday commissioned five houses to improve the living conditions of senior citizens in Mwingi town, Kitui County.

The company partnered with Optiven Foundation to provide decent housing to five senior citizens who were previously living in deplorable conditions.

Benchmark Solutions donated five permanent two roomed houses stocked with basic necessities including beds, mosquito nets, utensils and food stuff in Mwingi.

In a statement, Benchmark Solutions Founder and CEO, Laura Akunga said addressing social needs and developing the community in which Benchmark Solutions operates remains an important role for the company.

“At Benchmark Solutions, we believe in a wholesome and all rounded transformation which is beneficial to the community that we are living in. We believe that the new homes will have a positive impact and go a long way in ensuring the dignity and well-being of the forgotten senior citizens,” said Laura.

Laura added that Benchmark Solutions was proud to be partnering with Optiven Foundation in such a noble cause to empower and transform the lives of the senior citizens.

Optiven Foundation CEO, George Wachiuri thanked key sponsors for their generous contribution towards the project and promised to spread the project to other counties in Kenya.

“I would like to thank all those who made this project a success. Special thanks go to Benchmark Solutions and Hope FM for their support,” said Mr. Wachiuri.

About Benchmark Solutions Ltd

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